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©喜多村みか 2014

#001_EX ” A Place For Us “

#001_EX `` 居場所について ``

Exhibition `` A Place For Us `` / Gallery1&2

あらゆる感受性を持った人 が同じ社会に同居するような状況について、もはや全ての人にとっての正解というものは見出すことができないのかもしれません。

In recent years, natural disasters, severe weather, and pandemic diseases have suddenly and tragically struck our world. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt and change our lives in ways we could not expect. Some feel a sense of crisis and emotional gloom from dealing with the loss of the pandemic, but paradoxically others feel a sense of comfort and freedom in their ability to overcome adversity and loss. In this situation where people of shared experiences but different, but equally reasonable feelings share the same society, we may not be able to find the right historical account for everyone. Put simply, a shared space that is comfortable for someone may not be comfortable for others.
Fortunately, we can communicate with each other by means of expression and art media to deepen our understanding of others perspectives. Works of art can inspire us to think differently about our shared experiences. “What a place for us” aims to create a “place” where we can share our experiences through art and facilitate a place where dialogue between each other can begin.

Artists |
石原 雅也 / Ishihara Masaya
石丸 圭汰 / Ishimaru Keita
江頭 南有 / Egashira Nayu
遠藤 梨夏 / Endo Rika
片山 高志 / Katayama Takashi
上村 卓大 / Kamimura Takahiro
喜多村 みか / Kitamura Mika
小島 拓朗 / Kojima Takuro
田中 岳舟 / Tanaka Gakusyu
富澤 大輔 / Tomizawa Daisuke
ニホ ヒロノリ / Niho Hironori
原口 勉 / Haraguchi Tsutomu
日野 公彦 / Hino Kimihiko
松﨑 竜一 / Matsuzaki Ryuichi
持田 象二 / Mochida Shoji
渡辺 おさむ / Watanabe Osamu

Curator |
生島 国宜 / Ixima kuniyosi

Special Thanks |
gallery UG
Pino inc.
Yumiko Chiba Associates

Gallery 1・2 |
2022.09.03 – 10.10
open 14:00 – 21:00
close Monday , Tuesday(09.19,10.10 open)

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©喜多村みか 2014






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